Free Money & How To Get The Most From Google Ads

Google Ads for Small/Medium Business & Startups

Join Galvanize and Steve Ward Media on Tuesday August 24 at 1:00pm central for “Secrets of Google Ads for SMB & Startups.”  Click here to register (free).  [need link]

Google Ads Is Hard…Learn From A Pro

If you’ve been there you know the pain.  Throw a few keywords together, write out some hopeful sounding ads and then…..ouch.  Hundreds of dollars (or more) gone. 

Google is happy to show your ads to lots of eager clickers.  Money starts flowing out but no new customers are coming in the door. 

And why are my ads showing for Mariah Carey when I run a local savings bank??

After auditing hundreds of Google Ads accounts I’ve seen this time and time again: wasted money with little to show for it.  money trap

In this talk Steve Ward teams up with Galvanize to demystify some of the big Google Ads questions and let’s you in on some secrets to success. 

Some topics we’ll cover:

  • Which Types of Ads to Use When
  • Budgeting
  • Keywords & Negative Keywords
  • Restricted advertising
  • The keys to ROI
  • Ad Copy
  • The All Important Optimization Process
  • The Google $150 Discount

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See you there,

Owner, Steve Ward Media, LLC