Go With The Flow

Steve Ward

Steve Ward


Flow. In The Zone. Focus. On Fire.

You’ve heard of it.  Probably about a basketball player. 

That feeling when you are so focused on a task — or music or game — that everything clicks perfectly. Distractions slide into the background, you are getting things done, almost effortlessly.  You and the object of your attention are one. 

Yes, it’s a bit hippy-dippy but I think there is some truth in there.  

I’ve been fascinated by this for years and especially while and after reading (hardest name on planet Earth coming) Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s book Flow.  

It strikes me — flow that is — most often when I’m doing some super-focused computer work or while listening to a very interesting podcast (for example, one of Russ Roberts’s EconTalk episodes).  

It feels exhilarating!  I almost feel invincible in that brief moment.  I’d love to have more of it, but alas it is fleeting.  

When do you feel it?  What gets you into flow?


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