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Google Ads for Boating Businesses: Location Settings

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Location targeting in Google Ads is critical. Be sure to verify these important settings.

 Boating businesses need to target the right locations, with the best settings to reach their best prospects. 


Spending on Google Ads to reach your prospects?  Be sure to consider these important settings to ensure your valuable marketing dollars are effectively spent.  


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#1 – New to Google Ads? Start with manual CPC or Max Clicks bidding strategy and then add bid adjustments to the locations that show the most promise: say coastal areas or seaside towns, for example.  

#2 – Presence?  Be sure to find and verify this option for targeting to either (a) people present in your targeted location or (b) both people in or interested in your location.  Option (b) is a much larger group of people, including people very far from your business who just happen to Google and read about your location.  Option (a) keeps you from spending money on clicks from people far away who have no intention of visiting your area.  Think carefully about this one.  Do you want those out of area clicks?  

#3 – View results in Locations > Matched Locations to see where your ads do best.  How did your click-through rate, conversion rate, or number of conversions fare in each area?  For areas that over or under perform, set bid adjustments to emphasize or downplay locations accordingly. 


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